Gigantic custom-built Mighty Morphin Panda-Rangers sculpture for the official Saban ’20 Rangers for 20 Years’ exhibition at the Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Client:…

Artwork for a pharmaceutical client. < Back

A small extract of the character designs, logos, apparel and footwear we created for Nike Football’s ‘U.F.O’ range over several seasons. #babynikes! Client: Nike Football…

Tattoo flash sheet for the Quick and Painful events, curated by Hope Gallery. < Back

Artwork for the launch of Nokia’s N9 model. Agency: Central Planning < Back

The gang get into the party-spirit, from Gola by TADO’s Autumn / Winter 2012 range. < Back

A selection of multi-wheeled-dorks for a cross-over with Lunartik’s Artpass. You can get your own TADO Artpass in the TADOShop now!

Hand made, one of a kind figures for the official Cartoon Network ‘Oootopia’ Adventure Time exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles. Paper clay figures…

2 comics about an unfortunate chap named Maurice and his larger than usual nose. From our ‘Wrong Uns’ exhibition at the Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago. <…

We drew a picture of a nice man named Jim once. We quite like it so he’s on our website! < Back>

Images from a collaborative fotune-telling app project called ‘Toy Shrine’ produced by our good friend Doc18. < Back

Artwork for a French Publication on the theme of lurrrrrve… < Back

An escapee from our ‘Think About It‘ book! < Back

Everyone loves sushi! Print to celebrate the opening of the ‘Sushi Express‘ restaurant in Sheffield. < Back

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